0% Financing and Bill Negotiations for Out-of-Pocket Health Expenses

MedPut is an innovative employee benefit that negotiates and finances at 0% APR, any out-of-pocket health expenses for employees.

Employees simply submit photos of their bills, and they're all set! MedPut negotiates the bills with healthcare providers, and pays these bills on behalf of employees. MedPut is repaid seamlessly through small payroll deductions over time.

The repayments are always interest-free for every employee, with no impact to credit score.

MedPut prevents employees from putting medical bills on their credit cards, dipping into their 401(k) savings, or taking on debt to pay down healthcare bills.

Program Summary

Interest Rate: Always 0% APR

Bill Negotiation: MedPut works to automatically negotiate bills and generate some savings for employees

Employee Credit Score: Not required for credit approval. (MedPut financing does not impact credit score)

Repayment: Seamlessly via small Payroll Deductions

Coverage: Any health related expense (including medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, even elective procedures) covered. Every bill is covered, regardless of when it is incurred (including old bills in collections, and prospective treatments scheduled in the future). Employees' spouse and dependents covered at no additional cost.

Insurance Supplement: Supplements any insurance program, and makes it even more powerful by alleviating the burden of out-of-pocket expenses.

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