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How Employee Navigator Builds a Great Support Team

Best Practices and Strategy
Jul 23, 2019

At Employee Navigator, we strive for the best user experiences possible. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business.  Forming a great support team is crucial to creating these positive experiences. From hiring and training to retaining employees, each part requires a specific level of detail.

1. Have a structured and transparent hiring process

A multi-step interview process develops a strong connection between our team and the applicant.  There are several qualities we search for which signify a potential high-level employee: personability, receptiveness to criticism, and accuracy when providing assistance. In addition, we look at an applicant’s career trajectory and previous tenure duration to determine sustainability and quality of their work. We want specialists that have experience in support roles.  Finally, it is a priority to ensure applicants know of the call-centric nature of our role, but also of their importance in collecting feedback data to enhance the product and strengthen connections with our customer base.

2. Set new-hire expectations and responsibilities

There are many methods which help to ensure a smooth transition when joining our team.  Practices like a 16-week development program, 2-week classroom training, shadowing of other Client Support Team members, and supervised ticket handling are just a few of the many ways we train our new hires to perform.  We clearly set expectations and define the responsibilities of our team.

As our userbase grows, we’re constantly recruiting and hiring.  It is also important for us to review the tendencies of high-level workers.  From there we identify successful practices and adjust our processes to be as efficient as possible.

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