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Higginbotham Provides Peace of Mind with Employee Navigator’s ACA Module

Case Study
Jan 9, 2024


Since their founding in 1948, Higginbotham has been exceeding clients’ expectations with customized insurance, HR, and financial solutions. Today, the agency leverages Employee Navigator’s products and comprehensive network of integrations to streamline processes, expand services, and continues to elevate the customer experience. For ACA, that means using Employee Navigator’s ACA module.

“Employers who use Employee Navigator for ACA have peace of mind knowing their data is accurate and up-to-date.” T.J. Caballero and Maggie Hadden | Higginbotham

Instead of manually inputting employee enrollment information into a different system or spending weeks filling out ACA forms by hand, Higginbotham lets Employee Navigator do the heavy lifting. T.J. Caballero, Senior HR Technology Specialist, and Maggie Hadden, Director of HR Technology, Higginbotham, describe the ease of managing ACA within the platform — “If you’re using Employee Navigator and doing what you should be doing as far as hiring, terming, and making sure employees complete their enrollments, the product is going to track everything for you and do what you need it to do.”

One centralized location

It’s no secret that the first quarter of the year is stressful as employers prepare to submit 1095 forms. The risk of penalty-related fees are enough to cause any group to break out in a sweat. With Employee Navigator, however, Higginbotham can rest easy knowing their ACA information is accurate.

“When we demo Employee Navigator for current or prospective clients, they all say how much easier it is compared to their current processes.”  T.J. Caballero and Maggie Hadden | Higginbotham

As the 1095 forms generate automatically, information can be easily reviewed to ensure each employee is assigned the appropriate code for their offered coverage. T.J. and Maggie agree, “Employee Navigator removes employer groups from the guessing game of what code goes with each employee’s medical status.” Each new hire, terminated employee, eligibility update, and enrollment is tracked, meaning that “employers who use Employee Navigator for ACA have peace of mind knowing their data is accurate and up-to-date,” says T.J. Caballero and Maggie Hadden.

Come the new year, they can complete ACA without a hitch. “The system has the data ready to send to the third party for processing immediately, as opposed to manually filling in codes for every employee.”


Once an employer group transitions to Employee Navigator’s ACA product, the difference is felt immediately. Maggie and T.J. describe one client’s reaction: “the paper form process probably took him at least a week or two to complete. With Employee Navigator he was able to complete it in a couple of hours and he called the next day saying, ‘sign me up.’” Higginbotham leverages the tools at their disposal and secures new business as a result.

“Enabling employers to centralize current and historic ACA information is a powerful tool.”  T.J. Caballero and Maggie Hadden |  Higginbotham

Affordable Care Act filing doesn’t need to be a stressful and time-consuming process. “With Employee Navigator, you have until the last minute and sometimes clients need that. We’ve found that other systems have some pretty crazy deadlines for printing, mailing, and everything else in order to get done in time,” says T.J. Caballero and Maggie Hadden.

Save employer groups time and money by using the Employee Navigator ACA module. Trust us and Higginbotham, your clients will thank you for it.