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Get Your Clients on Board with Onboarding

Best Practices and Strategy
Jun 4, 2019

The onboarding process for new hires is an employee’s first contact with an employer and can have a massive impact on the employees overall success at their new job. Historically, onboarding has involved stacks of paperwork including compliance, worksite safety, and—of course, employee benefits. According to a study commissioned by Colonial Life, 23% of employees who speed through their benefits are less likely to understand them.  Not only that, but those same employees are 55% more likely to leave their jobs within a year.

Thankfully, Employee Navigator offers an employee onboarding tool that breaks down benefits, simplifies enrollment, and enables HR to deliver a delightful experience to new hires.  It’s never been more important for brokers to understand how to position an onboarding tool, so here are some of our recommendations on what to highlight to your clients:

It’s an intuitive self-service tool

No technology skills needed! Our onboarding tool is simple and straightforward to use, allowing brokers or HR to customize the new hire process to suit their unique needs.  The onboarding process can be tailored to the employee’s role to include custom tasks and forms, and Employee Navigator takes care of logging the employee selections for a comprehensive audit trail.

Giving the wheel to HR means less work for you!

Add safety and training

HR can add videos, custom safety agreements, or an employee handbook to modernize training, improve worksite safety, and reduce workers comp costs. Track employee an employee’s progress too, right from the HR dashboard.

Benefit elections made simple

Employee Navigator makes enrolling in benefits easier than ever, with comprehensive plan details, comparison tools, and decision support.

Save a tree, go paperless!

No more forms and manual filing! Employee Navigator lets you collect new hire information, compliance documents, and benefit elections directly from the employee. It also lets employees electronically sign documents, acknowledge forms, and upload filled documents. Employee Navigator can handle everything from I-9 and W-4 forms to acknowledging receipt of a handbook.

Say goodbye stacks of paperwork and hello to a pleasant first day of work!

Discover how you can onboard your amazing team without breaking a sweat.