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Employee Navigator Releases Free COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker for Customers

Product Updates
Nov 23, 2021

Employee Navigator is pleased to announce the release of a COVID-19 vaccine tracking and reporting feature which is free to all Employee Navigator customers. Employers who have instituted vaccine policies have learned first-hand that the collection and approval of vaccination status is a time consuming and manual process at best. Employee Navigator’s vaccine tracker allows companies to easily roll-out a vaccination policy and permits employees to upload supporting documentation.

HR managers can activate a collection app in the employee portal which allows employees to either upload a picture of their vaccination card or other documentation and in a later phase, employees will be prompted to indicate their vaccination status. HR managers are then notified to review each employees’ documentation and may approve the documentation based on their company’s policy and tracking requirement.

Employee Navigator’s software agnostic, and it may be used to certify employees who are partially vaccinated, fully vaccinated, unvaccinated, etc. Companies can communicate their corporate vaccine policy and documentation requirements through the company’s normal communication channel, such as email, and instruct employees to upload the documentation through Employee Navigator.

While the future of the federal vaccine mandate remains unclear, Employee Navigator’s vaccine tracker can support companies who need or choose to institute a vaccine policy. While the pandemic has significantly increased HR’s workload, Employee Navigator has quickly delivered the solutions organizations need.

Interested in learning more?  Visit our help center to learn more about this innovative feature.

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