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Employee Navigator releases API models to speed the digitization of employee benefit administration

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Mar 14, 2022

Employee Navigator today released its Company Integration and Company Benefit Details Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to support real-time integrations between Employee Navigator’s benefit administration platform, health insurance carriers, and employee benefit providers. This API release is the culmination of more than two years of collaboration with major insurance companies to create a model that, when implemented by carriers, enables them to quickly deploy a scalable API infrastructure to speed the digitization of the insurance industry.

“Our goal has been to build a gateway into Employee Navigator’s ecosystem that allows insurance brokers and other service organizations to quickly build out employee benefit plans and securely integrate and serve customers,” said George Reese, Employee Navigator’s CEO. “Our approach over the past two years has been to build a resilient platform that supports all the employee benefits a company offers through a single interface. We’ve created a truly scalable API model that carriers, medical plans, benefit providers, agency management systems, and others can use as a blueprint to build out their own infrastructure.”

The new infrastructure supplies a much-needed roadmap to manage the large volume of data insurance carriers are exchanging with Employee Navigator. At the same time, the framework reduces manual work commonly associated with operational processes when interfacing with benefit administration platforms.

The APIs support a comprehensive range of benefits including medical, dental, vision, and supplemental, and the platform can accommodate versions of APIs to greatly reduce maintenance.

“Employee Navigator’s API model is designed to be flexible so it can support hundreds of thousands of plan designs offered by insurance carriers and enable different systems to easily interface with us,” said John Crowley, Employee Navigator’s CTO. “We’ve worked hard to create an architecture that not only can stand the test of time and be scalable, but also supports a broad range of carrier design approaches and can be adapted to interface with various industry and government standards. The platform also can dynamically handle version upgrades to ensure carrier partners do not have to regularly upgrade their connections.”

Employee Navigator’s first integrations include Guardian Life, Principal Financial Group®, and an undisclosed carrier. They will be released over the course of the next few months.

“We intend for this to be a game changer in the industry,” said George Reese. “Carriers integrated with Employee Navigator will be able to allow their broker partners to easily expand benefit offerings to customers, which, in turn, can help support greater employee retention and satisfaction as well as to promote well-being. As carriers and brokers look to improve their customer service and operations, this integrated API platform provides a competitive advantage.”

Employee Navigator will continue to collaborate with all carriers as well as organizations that provide industry standards to ensure its model continues to evolve. Customer meetings with partner technical teams will begin in March.

Thousands of brokers use Employee Navigator’s software with their customers to manage their benefits, onboarding, ACA and more in our simple intuitive platform.