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Employee Navigator is Helping Health Plans Go Paperless

Product Updates
Oct 25, 2022

On November 1st, Employee Navigator is releasing a new feature that impacts the employee enrollment experience. We will begin capturing an electronic consent from employees who wish to stop receiving mail such as EOBs, regulatory notices, and forms from their insurance carrier.

Many people already use paperless options for credit cards, utility bills, and more, and now Employee Navigator can collect this employee preference for carriers who elect to use this feature.  Our goal is to help health carriers drive digital engagement and improved outcomes since most employees do not log into their health plan’s member portal.

Why do insurance carriers want to engage digitally with employees? Because when important notifications can be delivered fast and efficiently via e-mail, everyone saves.

  • Engaging digitally with employees reduces medical utilization by promoting preventive actions and wellness initiatives with employees who have chronic conditions or need pharmacy care.
  • Digital delivery of carrier driven communication such as Explanation of Benefits (EOB), Tax Forms, Regulatory Notices, Bills, Receipts, Plan Details places a great overhead cost on the carrier in postage alone.

Don’t worry! ID Cards will still be mailed. Employee Navigator believes that getting a physical medical ID card is essential, so it’s important to note all our initial partners will still mail ID cards to the homes of all members.

What to expect?

When this option is licensed by a health plan, the opportunity to “opt-in” for employees cannot be turned off by brokers or companies.  Beginning on or about November 1st, when an employee enrolls in a plan with a carrier who offers a paperless option, they will be presented with the option to “opt-in” prior to viewing their enrollment summary. Employee Navigator captures this digital consent and shares it with the carrier.  Any change to the paperless preference must be made by the employee on the carrier portal.  Finally, each carrier has their own digital services, but for the most part, when a claim is processed or other document is generated, employees will receive an email notifying them of activity on their account and prompting them to log onto the carrier’s secure portal to view the details.

This feature will be going live with UnitedHealthcare and Anthem BCBS beginning in November. Employee Navigator will make announcements as additional carriers activate paperless authorization.

Important note: Paperless authorization forms are owned by the carrier and Employee Navigator will never use this consent to digitally communicate with employees. Paperless authorization forms are being offered to all customers with plans built with the carrier, therefore it cannot be disabled. Messaging will be added to plan setup to notify plan builders when a carrier has an active paperless authorization configured.