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Simpara Finds Success in going Digital

Case Study
Jul 12, 2019

How do you build a successful agency in today’s market? You utilize the best tools you can. Adam Berkowitz from Simpara shares why he chose Employee Navigator as the foundation of his agency.

The Challenge

When Adam Berkowitz founded Simpara, he sought to fix the industry’s entrenched issues by building a modern agency. Adam had three goals for his clients: deliver operational efficiencies, boost employee engagement, and reduce their health benefits spending by 20-40%. Looking for a more consultative role, Adam wanted a solution that could displace tedious tasks from his agency. “We want to be the leader in designing and executing health benefits that are both affordable and robust,” Adam says. To do this, he needed a software that could support a modern agency that could scale.

The Solution

Having worked with Employee Navigator for six years in his previous role, Berkowitz knew the value it could provide both his agency and his client’s, so he decided to build his agency from the ground up with technology. Every new case was put on Employee Navigator to bring them into the world of modern benefits.

The Results

The amount of time gained from automating the workspace has allowed Simpara to focus on delivering cost savings, advocacy, and engagement opportunities that the competition can’t provide. The reduced costs and improved employee experience makes clients excited to move into the future of benefits. “We’re unburdened by the thousand manual tasks that old-world brokerage firms deal with daily,” Adam adds. “We’ve alleviated all of that to the benefit of our clients. Employee Navigator isn’t a tool that we can access sometimes for our clients, it’s part of running our business and it’s allowed us to be very successful in a short amount of time.”

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