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Amalyn Consulting reduced their workload with Aetna & Employee Navigator

Case Study
Feb 15, 2024


Since 2011, Amalyn Consulting has dedicated themselves to optimizing the benefits experience for their clients. As it became increasingly apparent that technology was the key to growing their agency, Amalyn Consulting sought a benefits administration partner able to scale with their growing business and the needs of the industry as a whole – they chose Employee Navigator and have never looked back.

“Whether you’re a small business with simple needs or a large business with a complex multi-state footprint, Employee Navigator is the only software I would ever recommend.” — JD Allison | Amalyn Consulting

Amalyn Consulting recognized that it took an unsustainable amount of time to gather enrollments and manually add them to carrier portals. By deploying Employee Navigator’s Aetna integration, enrollments are now sent directly to Aetna without any manual work from their staff. The clients can feel the difference — “Many clients will move forward with a carrier that integrates with Employee Navigator even if their costs are slightly higher compared to a carrier that is not integrated,” says JD Allison, Chief Optimyzer.

“There is a problem in this industry with connectivity and ease of use between carriers, clients, and vendors. Employee Navigator has bridged that gap with their vast number of integrations.” — JD Allison | Amalyn Consulting

Eliminate Issues and Reduce Time-Consuming Tasks

Many challenges arise when managing enrollment forms manually, especially when dealing with paper forms. JD explains that “poor handwriting, missed enrollments, accountability, have always been issues. Integrations eliminate many of these entirely! Going paperless and streamlining information gathering — and more importantly pulling reports for our clients without needing to gather a manual census — continues to pay dividends.”

By implementing the Aetna integration, Amalyn Consulting improved their clients’ enrollment process. Instead of the possibility of a missed enrollment, once the employee completes their selections in Employee Navigator, the enrollment is sent directly to Aetna. “The integration saves us from having to go in and out of the carrier portals to fix issues,” says JD. By skipping the process of updating separate portals, Amalyn Consulting and their clients can focus on updating Employee Navigator and trusting the integration will take it from there.

Automating the enrollment process benefits Amalyn Consulting’s clients, as well. Since the enrollments are managed more efficiently, and the possibility of human errors are reduced, employer groups can focus on other tasks. “Managing benefits is a non-revenue generating activity, and our clients feel it’s of great importance to minimize the time they spend on benefits,” says JD Allison. The hours spent reviewing benefits can be better spent growing the business.

“Any time saved managing benefits is time we’re able to reallocate to our clients.” — JD Allison | Amalyn Consulting


It’s simple — benefits administration is easier with Employee Navigator and its carrier integrations. Prior to using the Aetna integration, Amalyn Consulting manually submitted enrollments to the carrier and resolved issues arising from the manual process. “When the integration is up and running, and discrepancies are managed regularly, the billing issues are minimized, enrollment issues are minimized, eligibility issues are minimized, and it’s created less work for us throughout the year,” says JD Allison. With one integration, Amalyn’s to-do list gets shorter and shorter.

“As an expert, I can say that Employee Navigator is hands down, one of the best software systems I’ve ever used or worked with. We get compliments on a regular basis from our clients, including Executive Management and People Ops, down to the employee level.” — JD Allison | Amalyn Consulting

With the time they’ve recouped by using the Aetna integration, Amalyn can focus on tasks that grow their business. “The Aetna integration with Employee Navigator helps streamline enrollment management for our agency and more importantly our customers,” says JD.

“The Aetna integration with Employee Navigator helps streamline enrollment management for our agency and more importantly our customers.” — JD Allison | Amalyn Consulting