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Alltrust Insurance reduces manual work with Employee Navigator and Mutual of Omaha

Case Study
Aug 2, 2023


Alltrust Insurance, an Acrisure partner, has worked with clients of every size for nearly 30 years offering high quality benefits and HR consulting services. Over the last few years Alltrust began to evolve its service model to make technology a centerpiece of the value it provides to customers. The agency has found the addition of a technology platform has only elevated their services further. Kathy Kerchal, Alltrust Insurance, wants to keep growing through technology, “When we started several years ago we only had 17 accounts on Employee Navigator, now we’re approaching 50, and our goal for 2023 is 75.”

“Once a client completes their open enrollment our work is just beginning because our team is manually collecting that information and submitting it to the carriers. That’s where integrations come in and provide value to our team.” Kathy says, “If there are no integrations available, our team is manually processing eligibility, and that increases the likelihood of errors or delays due to workloads in the fourth quarter. The data exchange integrations eliminate those issues.”

“All agencies should embrace a technology platform or benefits administration system and if not, some other broker will.” Kathy Kerchal | Alltrust Insurance

Save Time and Labor with Integrations

The process of gathering online benefits enrollments and sending this data to the carrier can be time-consuming and it leaves room for human errors. By implementing the Mutual of Omaha integration, Alltrust Insurance significantly reduced time, labor, and errors. Employee Navigator and Mutual of Omaha aim to make benefits administration easy and accessible, and Kathy agrees — Mutual of Omaha is “super simple to set up.”

Establishing the integration between the benefits administration software and the carrier allows brokers to focus on other more valuable responsibilities. “It’s not only saving us time but also saving us manpower because it takes that manual eligibility processing off our plate. It streamlines everything between Employee Navigator and the carrier, and we can get back to consulting with our clients” said Kathy Kerchal.

“It’s not only saving us time but also saving us manpower because it takes that manual eligibility processing off our plate. It streamlines everything between Employee Navigator and the carrier, and we can get back to consulting with our clients.” Kathy Kerchal | Alltrust Insurance

Don’t stress the small stuff — the integration has got your back. Discrepancies are unavoidable, they can always pop up even if a client is integrated. If an issue arises, Alltrust Insurance knows they’re not left to solve it on their own. The integration will report the discrepancy and Mutual of Omaha is there to guide the broker towards the solution. Take it from Kathy’s experience, “If we have issues, we know we’re going to get correct answers from Mutual of Omaha.”

“The Employee Navigator carrier integrations have definitely reduced the amount of workforce needed for our eligibility team,” said Kathy.


Alltrust Insurance has been impressed with the Mutual of Omaha integration. There’s a notable difference between the enrollment process without the integration and with our clients that are integrated. The bridge between Employee Navigator and the carrier increases efficiency even during the busiest time of the year. The impact of the improvements is significant enough that Alltrust Insurance expects most of their clients to be integrated in the coming years. “Integrations help streamline eligibility and provide stickiness with our customers. We build the client on Employee Navigator and immediately begin the process of getting the integrations going with key partners like Mutual of Omaha,” says Kathy Kerchal.

The main benefit of the integration for brokers is time savings — Alltrust Insurance experienced that firsthand. Beyond just saving the agency time carrier integrations improve data quality and make it easier to offer additional lines of coverage, all of this helps improve overall client satisfaction. While integrated, the enrollments are submitted faster, the errors are reduced, and there is added transparency for the clients. Kathy reports, “Clients like the integrations because if there are errors, they will get a discrepancy report to work it out for the specific employees.”

The solution is clear — Mutual of Omaha is an integration that makes benefits administration easier for the agency and their clients. “Our advice on carrier data exchange integration is to do it and do it quickly. There are no negatives, only positive outcomes for the client and agency,” says Kathy Kerchal.